Monday, December 17, 2012

Thinking Hat's Reflection On Netbook's

Netbook’s at Point England are new for some people and old for other’s. It’s different from writing on paper and book. I am really lucky.

Having a netbook is really fun because I learn faster in school. I now can create my work easily. It’s good that people enjoy what they can do on them.   

Its really important that I look after my netbook with respect and care. Sometimes same people drop there netbook’s and brack there screen's. Without my screen I would do nothing at all. what I do not like is that I don’t like it when something is wrong with it.

Our netbook’s are fragile so if we step on it it will break. Sometimes I see other’s that Don’t care about there key’s on there netbook and start to break them off. Having a netbook is cool because we learn better. I think that we need a better tax-paint so that we can do animation's on it.