Saturday, August 23, 2014


A few weeks back we had been participating in the Life Education workshop, taught by a lady named Lyn. She has been talking about legal and illegal drugs , what they can do to you and how. I’m going to talk about what drugs can can do to you and how much they affect your life.  

There are many drugs that are illegal and legal. Drugs have big effect on your brain and body. They have large effect on your learning, memory and coordination. These are only some of the reasons why drugs are illegal.

Drugs can make you addicted to them and make you do things that are very stupid. It can make you angry, sad, stressed and very dump it could also make you forget the important things in life. Taking drugs can affect your brain and how you react. People that use drugs mostly use them to escape something.        

A drug can be any chemical like, glue, oil, nicotine, caffeine and a lot of others. These can affect your brain highly, makes you hallucinate (see what's not there). The worse thing about these are that if drug overdosing it will end up being likely to kill you instantly.

Using drugs is one of the worst choice you could ever make in life. You wouldn't reach your true potential and get a really good job, you could lose your friends and family. You could end up all alone.

Don’t take drugs, you will succeed.