Thursday, May 17, 2012

my holiday

I am talking about my holiday.Well my holiday is about me and my family.

On the first week of the Holidays my Nan and I went to Greenlane.Nan and I went there for her x-ray.
We took the bus to Greenlane it wasn't fun.

While we were there My mum and my brother's and sister’s were at my aunt's house.
my mum said she had a lot of fun being at my aunt’s.the last night they were there they had a lot of  lollies.

On the last week on saturday of the holiday my family and I went to the city.We looked at the biggest sky tower and had a look at the hotel to it was like heaven.Person was singing a love song it was cool.

Starry starry night was painted by van Gogh. made in 1889. Starry starry night was one of his famous arts.The size of his art was about 73/92.

The bright colours of the stars are like shiny lights. Light highlights from the moon are shining down on the village. Brightly lit windows looked like it is warm and cosy in the dark village.

Above the village in the sky, objects shown are shiny stars, a crescent moon and swirling winds. A church with a steeple. curving cypress tree

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

down at the fram

I like sheep's
but I don't like its pooh

I like hens
but I don’t like them running away

I like bees  
but I don’t like them stinging me

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Title of one of Van Gogh painting is cold sunflowers. The size of  Van Gogh sunflowers is 73]92 cm. He did his famous sunflower work with oil paint.

The  colours was bright on his sunflowers. He used 4 or more colours used for his famous sunflowers.

When I look at his sunflowers, I see light  warm happy colours. I think that he painted light  because he himself was very happy. The amazing glowing petals, are
the best things about his artwork.

Along time ago He painted sunflowers because his friend was coming over to stay at Van Gogh house. This artist would of been happy and excited for Paul Gauguin to stay.

Vincent's painting is one of the most well known artwork even in the whole world