Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fia Fia Night

Well as exciting as I thought it would be didn't really work at as I planed it to be. There is only one thing I got timing. Getting off, getting on and getting dressed. It was A little hard but I got through it. Well this is how it all started!!!!!.

5:30 Arriving through the school gates one step at a time as I got closer and closer I could see so many people. Laughter and happiness spread through the air. Excitement was shared, friends and families giving the children all there luck.

Happily coming up onto the stage was Mr Brut “It is now 6 o'clock please make your way to your changing rooms”, dashing through a bunch of people just to get to there, kids making their way.

I, myself was in Kapa Haka the First group to perform, the opening, the start of the whole Fia fia.  
Walking into my groups holding room I sow happy people and people that were ready to perform.

So as we got ready we had changed into a dresses, a Piu piu over it and to top it all off was a feather on top of our heads. No shoes or socks were allowed. It was really hard to get ready but at the same time really fun as well.

It was 7:00 and Mr Brut had called “Fia fia is starting make your way to the field”......Well it was  something like that!. Making our way there, my group had been very excited. But our Kaia didn't want that, because getting over excited could make as do something wrong.

Walking up the first two flight of stairs my heart was pumping faster and faster, faster then I could speak. Taking deep Breaths 1..2..3 as I go. Eyes staring straight at me, waiting for the first action to be made.  Heart beating, hands shaking and red faces.

1 song 2 songs 3 songs done off the stage smiling job well done, cheering, applauding I could hear. Proud and happy of what I’ve done, I finished it off properly.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Taamai Of Empathy Collage

My Explaining Of My Empathy Collage:

What I have Successfully tried showing in my empathy college is Understanding, sharing, knowing and experiencing. I have tried showing empathy for another like putting yourself in there shoes or place. Also sharing anothers emotion or expressions. Screenshot from 2014-02-25 14:40:10.png

Putting yourself in there shoes or place:

This picture shows how people can be in others shoes or place. Like making choices or sacrifices to be somewhere when you want to be there. Sometimes giving up what you want is hard but you're doing it for a good course.

Screenshot from 2014-02-25 14:49:37.png            

Caring for anther is kind and it helps the other person feel happy inside. It helps them express themselves and shure what they want to say.  Shuring is caring. It’s like experiencing another.  


Friends care for another they know each other. They can find what makes them happy. They might be different but doesn't make a difference at all. Friends find their way around difficulties its what makes them friends. They sure empathy among each other.
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Taamai Of Kowhai Group D.L.O