Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last night my mum and my brother came with me to home school partnership in the school hall. When we got there Mr Jacobson gave us a raffle ticket to be in to win 1 or 3 meat packs. Mr Jacobson explained himself  and said ’’latter on in the hall I will call out a number and whoever has that number gets a 1 or 2 free meat pack’’ and then we went inside.

My brother and I went to get a little snack I got a cracker and he got a cookie.
Then we went back into the hall. We saw Mr Burt coming towards the front to start home school partnership. He asked if the kids wanted to go into the library to play.

Mostly every kid went in the library. Some people wanted to draw other people wanted to do a challenge on a piece of paper the name of it was called find me. We all had so much fun.

Later on it was time to go home. My brother and I raced back into the hall to see my mum so we could go home for tea. My mum said that she had so much fun. So then we lift.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How My Life Is Here in Aotearoa

Hi my name is Taamai. I live in a city named Auckland in New Zealand. I have been living in Auckland for over three years now. I go to a really awesome school named Pt England I have so much fun there I even make a lot of friend’s my age.

In Aotearoa New Zealand I feel safe. Sometimes I feel like exploring the world but I can’t why because i’m only eleven years old it’s mainly because I would rather stay in New Zealand with my Whanau and friends.

The sad thing in my life is that I have to deal with my family members passing away which I hate. My grandpa and my nan died two years ago. My nan died from cancer and my grandpa died in his sleep. My heart  broke in pieces.

I am a really lucky kid because I have a family that cares about me and there alway there when I need them the most.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Friend Of Mis Muliaumaseali'i

This week at assembly we had a friend of Mis Muliaumaseali'i come and share his talent at Pt England school. His talent was singing and I think playing the guitar he was pretty sweet at playing the guitar. He also made trumpet noises with his mouth and that was really cool.

He calls himself stks when he’s on stage all the time. He talked about himself a little before he sang a song. But I don't think he told us what the name of the song was. Well anyway his song was pretty cool.

He was really cool and so was
Mis Muliaumaseali'i for making it happen

Friday, March 22, 2013

The old man at the beach

One day an old man decided to go to the beach for a walk. Taking off his shoes he wanted to feel the soft warm sand in between his toes. He watched all the people at the beach have so much fun. Some people were swimming and some were playing but most people were sunbathing in the sun.

Walking farther step by step, he thought the sand was getting too hot so he started to walk in the water. It was beginning to get hotter for him because he was wearing a black and white oversized coat with brown long pants on so he took off his coat to cool down.

later on he found a park bench and sat down to read his newspaper. He looked tired so he had a little nap. When he woke up it was time for him to go home for dinner so he got in his car and drove off back home.

While he was driving home he thought what a beautiful day to go for a walk around the beach.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Amazing Fia fia Assembly

On Friday last week Point England had an amazing  Fia fia assembly. Why?  Because Miss Muliaumaseali'i's brother Mr Muliaumaseali'i came to show Point England his talent and that was singing.

He sang a song in Samoan named Minoi, minoi.
He asked us to say "Minoi, minoi, minoi, minoi, minoi" twice. It was funny.
After that he sang a different song but this time it was in another language. He was singing an opera song.

Later on Mr Muliaumaseali'i said thank you for having him and then went into the music room. And that was the end of Fiafia assembly. As soon as assembly finished all of the girls that were in the choir went into the music room for a singing lesson with Mr Muliaumaseali'i.

In the hall Mr Burt was talking about being kind to others and respect. He also was talking about the people that are different at our school. Fifi assembly was really cool so was Mr  Muliaumaseali'i. We all had so much fun.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My narrative school picnic

After the Juniors swam the teacher said “it’s team 5’s turn!” out loud. So all the seniors got in. Some people bombed and some people dived. Looking at everybody I saw a boy diving heaps of times into the water. Then he dived again but this time he did not come back up.

Nobody noticed but me. I tried to tell a teacher but they were too busy. Then I went closer to where he dived. I saw a little bit off blood floating on the surface of the water so I really did need to tell a teacher quickly. So I ran to find one again.

Finally a teacher helped me. The teacher asked me where he dived and were the blood was. Afterwards we saw something floating in the water. It was the boy. Then a man dived into the water to get him. He was knocked out from the rock he hit. The man placed him on the sand. We tried to wake him up but he was unconscious.

One of the adults rang the ambulance for help. Finally the ambulance came. They carried him into the van and took him to hospital. The next day he woke losing some of his memory. He was fine but he had some bumps and bruises on his head. Other than that he was ok thanks to me.

I hope he is more careful next time.