Friday, May 30, 2014

Samoan Language Week Assembly

On Monday The 26th Of May Pt England School celebrated the first day of Samoa Language week. We had gust to perform for us from Tamaki College and ourselves as well (Pt England Samoan Girls). But besides them we had 2 amazing men from Samoa. One of them had been  the Minister Of Pacific Island Affairs Which was pretty cool and exciting.

As the performance began we had seen little kids walk up on to the stage to do there little performance it was so cute and they were very brave. One by one it had unfortunately finished but it still was cool. When It was all finished we had left to class.


Friday, May 16, 2014

My Goals For This Term

This term my goal is to improve and move up in my reading and writing. I am not doing really well still. But I am going to get better. I want be ready for college next year so I am going to practice and practice.

I also want to set a goal on improving my maths concerning my times and division. I need to improve and improve. All this year I will be trying my best to reach my goals.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

High notes and low notes

In class 5 at Pt England School we have been learning about high notes, low notes, high pitch and low pitch. Our teacher had managed to find experiments on science lab activities.

A experiment that I have played recently is called  Sound and instrument exploration

On that activity I learn't that if you strum the strings on a guitar it vibrates in a certain speed. When it vibrates it vibrates the air coursing it to make a sound. That's how the sound of a guitar works.

I also learn't that A thicker string makes a low note and a thinner string makes a high note.

In Class 5 We will be learning so much about SOUND!!!.

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Holiday Highlight

During the first week of the holidays my mum and step-dad took my family to the a nice place could Maramarua. It was a long ride but it was still fun and exciting it was a very hot day as well. Once we got there we had gone to pick mushrooms for dinner. I didn't know what it was but it my mum said it was going to be yummy.
As we were about to pick the mushrooms it was time to go back to where we were staying so we all ran back. As we arrived we were so hungry. While we were waiting for it cook we went to watch a movie in my dads caravan.
The day had slowly went dark and exhausted we all were dinner had finally been ready, A B.B.Q and mushroom soup yum it was so delicious i wanted more. As the day ended it was time to go back to Auckland.  

Going to Maramarua was my holiday highlight.

Immersion Assembly

"WOW!"as I said with excitement, The hall was filled with balloons Red, Yellow, Green and Blue , it was colourful and bright. Smiles and laughter spread through the hall, I knew it was going to be something cool.  

As I took a seat, our Immersion Assembly had started, it started with a big “WELCOME BACK  Pt England School”, from Mr Burt. I could see that our theme for this term was ”I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT!!” it looked Funky.

Pt England School teachers has always entertained us with a cool act from each team, of what they will be learning about this term, that involves “I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT”. So as each team teachers showed their act It finally came to team 5 teachers to show there's.

Sound is what we're learning about this term. What would I know about sounds, Well its time for me to learn more.    

                                                                 Can't wait

Friday, May 9, 2014


“That was awesome”I said walking by, Badminton, I could get use to that.

Today Class Five had just finished playing Badminton in our school hall. We were touted by a person named Robbie and he taught us how to hold a racket. A backhand and a four hand.

For me Both of those were very hard Why? because I had to use my left hand. I couldn't even put the schedule on my racket,I had to get one of my friends to help me. again and again, over and over,still could not do it.

During Badminton we had played one on one to see how many times we could hit the schedule to each other. Well of course I did not get as much as everyone else. The highest I could get to was 5.

It was so exciting I can’t wait till our next turn.