Friday, May 31, 2013

Report about Obesity

Coffins need to be larger in a place in America because people are dying from Obesity.
Obesity is when you overeat and get really big and lazy. The most people to have Obesity are people in America and Mexico.

For obesity to come about you have to eat a lot of junk food and fast food. The youngest age you could die from Obesity is 11 to 45 years old.

People in America and Mexico that are Obese can weigh up to 765 pounds and thats well over 50 stones.
Also People can lose their body parts from very bad Obesity. Obesity causes major health problems in a lot of ways and so can alack a exercise.

For some people that have Obesity and are overweight are very embarrassed because of their fat. You could also get knee pain, short of breath and sow feet from sedentary. Sedentary lifestyle and bad diet can cause Obesity too.

Families in America need to make sure that they get lots of exercise per day not just in toll there tired just in toll they think that they've made in efrat.

The sweets and lollies that rot your teeth.

  The sweets and lollies that rot your teeth.

sugar warms, pineapple lumps, lolly scrambles, jelly beans, sour lollies, snakes, gummy bears, lollipops, mini eggs, sugar rainbows, fruit burst, Eskimos, pebbles, gum and liquorice.   

Too much sugar can make kids hyper and very silly in a lot of ways. It is possible to get obese from too much sugar too. It could make you fat and unhealthy from way too much lollies. Fat could also cause a lot of health problems meaning getting badly sick.  

Lollies rot teeth because the sugar breaks down the enamel and starts to rot. Your teeth is very healthy at first but if you eat way too much sweet lollies your teeth won’t be the same again.

They could get fat and unhealthy from too much lollise.  Unless you stop eating too much.  A little a day would be ok, but if you seem to be very fit you could just run it off.
Diabetes can do more to your teeth if not treated the right way. Its cool to just eat a little bit.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Report about eggs:

Report about eggs:

In NZ we eat up to two and a half million eggs per day. That’s about 920,000,000 eggs per year.

Most eggs are laid by chickens that are kept away in cages (caged hens). There are often six hens per cage which is not enough space for them to move around in. When they have laid an egg, the eggs roll down onto a machine because their cages are on an angle. Chickens can’t grab their eggs because they might get an electric shock. Cage hens eat chicken feed but are not allowed to leave the the cage to eat. Their food comes to them on a machine.

Free range hens live on a farm. They can run around, flap their wings and dust bath. Their eggs are more expensive than cage hens eggs.

Some chickens lose their hair and don't lay eggs until their hair has grown back. Chicken’s molt once a year but if there is extreme heat chicken’s feathers will just start to fall off.

Barn chickens are different to cage hens because they can run around doing anything they want and caged hens cannot. But they are not as free to move like the free range hens.

Friday, May 10, 2013

delicious and healthy sandwich

delicious and healthy      delicious and healthy   
sandwich 1.                    sandwich 2.  

buns                                White bread
Butter                              Butter
Mayo                               Mayo
Cheese                           Cheese                                         
Tomato                            Lettuce                          
Onion                              Tomato
Lettuce                            Bacon                                                                    
and Chicken                                                                            

delicious and healthy     
sandwich 3.

salt and pepper

Nutritional information data

The nutritional information that can be found at the back of food packaging contains information about what is in your food. It should tell you how much salt, sugar, fat, protein etc is in your food.

Nutrition = the process of providing and obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.

Task: Make a comparison between two different food packages. See what you can find out. Write a brief summary about your  findings.


Per serving?

Per 100g?
Per serving?
190.8 kJ
711 kJ
Total Fat
Total Fat
248 mg

1) What can you say about the first package you looked at?
It is low in fat and sugar.
2) What can you say about the second package you looked at?
it has a lot of salt.


On Thursday the 9th of May right after morning tea we had a very special Assembly. It was special because we had a pop star visit our school to give as a really big gift from him. It was a hundred thousand dollars. He said he donated us a hundred thousand dollars because of our amazing work online.

At the back of the hall were a lot of camera people videoing talking. There were about ten people with big video cameras in the hall. Lots of other people had cameras, ipads and phones.

It was a surprise for mostly every single person at Point England School. Having a pop star coming to our school was really amazing and exciting. He even came into our class.

I hope we see you again