Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Earlier this week we went to Stardome for a filed trip. While we were there we decided to go for a walk up One Tree Hill.

Miss King and a lot more helpers came to help at Stardome. While we were going for a walk up One Tree Hill Mr Marks decided that we should go down into the crater. I went tumbling down the hill and I got bumps and bruises, but it was cool.


  1. Hello Taamai Ataahua! It looks like you had a wonderful time on your field trip, sliding down the field into the crater! I'm glad you didn't break anything on the rocks! Great job on your description.

  2. Taamai-Ataahua, you are so wonderfull and i love you sooo very much xoxoxoxoxoxoxo mummy :)

  3. At my old school we had a trip to StarDome twice a year. I like the picture of this trip.