Monday, November 5, 2012

Taamai the bush

One weekend 3 boys went into the bush. They heard a gunshot so they went to check it out.
One boy started to walk so the other two boy’s followed and they heard another sound. It was the sound of a girl screaming “help help”

Again they heard “help help help” and another gunshot two time’s and after that they did not hear a thing. Then they got to where the girl was and they saw a man  dragging a gray big bag. Crrack a streak snapped and the man said “who's there” so he put the bag down and the a head of the girl was coming out of the bag. One boy said let’s go. So they went but before they went a boy got shot. Terry got away but Zack and Steven did not.

When Terry got away he called the police a lot of them and told them that his friends are in the bush with a man that is really bad. Running and driving to the bush they finally got there. He said that Zack got shot and steven stayed with him.

The police harred to were the two boys were lying on the ground both shot. The harried them to the hospital and they were ok. But the police were still going to found out how did it. two police yad out we found him and took him to jail for shooting people

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