Monday, December 17, 2012

Thinking Hat's Reflection On Netbook's

Netbook’s at Point England are new for some people and old for other’s. It’s different from writing on paper and book. I am really lucky.

Having a netbook is really fun because I learn faster in school. I now can create my work easily. It’s good that people enjoy what they can do on them.   

Its really important that I look after my netbook with respect and care. Sometimes same people drop there netbook’s and brack there screen's. Without my screen I would do nothing at all. what I do not like is that I don’t like it when something is wrong with it.

Our netbook’s are fragile so if we step on it it will break. Sometimes I see other’s that Don’t care about there key’s on there netbook and start to break them off. Having a netbook is cool because we learn better. I think that we need a better tax-paint so that we can do animation's on it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Camp Betzon

At the year six camp we all went to Kawau Island we had 4 groups named Mansion, Bentzon, Kawau and katz. The group that I was in was Mansion. When we got to Kawau Island we all had free time then we went for a big welcome swim in the see.
One activity I really enjoyed was the Confidence course. The Confidence course had so many things to go on. The funny thing about it was when we got to the top of some of the obstacles mr J said we had to “HUG YOUR MAMA” so we didn't full from the top of the obstacle It was so funny and fun.

On Friday swimming was totally fun it wasn't deep but it was still cool. Cheyanne was to scared to jump of the pontoon but when it was nelly time to go back to school we heard the horn to get out of the water. Then when I jumped of the pontoon Cheyanne jammed after me it was fun but it was her first and her last time to jump of the pontoon at Kakau Island.

I hope next year all the year 6’s have as much fun as us.  

Monday, November 19, 2012


Tomorrow all the year six's are going to camp Benzon. Its going to be so fun and cool.

I am looking forward to the confidants course. I am looking forward to that because it looks really hard and really fun it might be scary for a wall but I will get use to it and it will be fun. I am hoping that 
everyone will get a chance to have fun too.

At camp a challenge for me is jumping of the wharf into the cold water. Jumping in to the cold water is really cold for me. It would be ok if it was not so cold.
I'm a bit nervous but still excited for camp.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

This week room seventeen made small and big sized boats. We were only aloud 1 Scissors, 2 plastic bags, 5 cardboards, 10 popsicle sticks and 1 blueback. It was so fun making them.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poetry

I can't wait for camp
Because its a bit damp.

Its a very good treat
when we get some thing to eat.

But when we go for a tramp
I get a sore cramp.

Summer is really hot
but I get bold like a pot.

When I go to the beach
I want to a treat.

When I'm setting on the mat
 I see a cat.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Triathlon Recount

One day at Point England School room 17 did a sprint triathlon. A sprint triathlon is like a small version from the original one. The small sprint Triathlon has bikes, running and water sliding events.

When we started we started with slippery slide. Some people ran on the side up and down the waterslide because they did not bring their togs. After we did the water slide we all ran to get a bike and we all got one to ride on. We had to go around the big flags. Then I came first out of the girls on bikes. Then we had to run around the cones.                                                        
Mark, Adrian and Brett were the people who helped us with everything they brought the  Triathlon to our school for us to do. Mark is really tall and he’s a pakeha he’s really cool and he nose a lot of things about triathlons.

Some of the people in my class said it was fun, exciting and cool.
I thought it was fun, exciting and cool to. Our teacher had a lot of fun as well as has.
we felt tired.

At the end of the whole thing we all got a certificate for our sport.
our certificate looked really cool and I took it home and hanged it up on the wall.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

making a happy cake

One day we went to make a happy cake. First we needed to get all the ingredients together. Then every one helped to make it. No one was lift out every one did something each we worked as a team and we got throw it. When it was done we put it in the oven to cook. when it was cooked we put the icing on top. Then Mrs Erasmus cut it in half  for all of us to eat it was yummy and tasty.

Making a cake was really cool especially when your doing it with a group of friends. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Pool Story

Sofi’s friend went to the pools. They dived into one of the swimming pool’s. Her friends mum was watching them from the sets beside the pool. Her other friend was on her way but it took her a long time to get here and she knew something was going on.

Crash) They heard a big car cash down on beach street just coming up to the pools. We rushed out to see how it was. It was Sofi’s other friend sick inside a car that was flipped over by another.

So she rushed to help her get out. Her friend was stick with her bout around her and Sofi couldn't get her out of the car. Then called 111 to help Her even more she was so scared but they got her and her mum out.

That night we took her to the hospital. She was burnt like a person was in there house burning to death. She was never the same again from that day on.

Story Shop

After school my brother and I was sent by my mum to get potato chips. Weirdly I thought that someone was following behind us footsteps coming closer. So my brother and I ran the rest of the way. Then heard that a person was screaming out “help help help me”.                                       

Screaming for help and was pulled to the ground the lady we heard was on the floor. My brother was going to scream out robber but I quickly put my hand over his mouth before he could say a word. We were so scared at the same time.

Then I told my brother to call the police. So he did. The robber gaped the ludy and put over her mouth some tap so that she could keep silent. I heard the police’s siren go off and there they were coming up the road. Red, gray and blue lights sitting on top of the police car telling people to move out of the way.

The police was aiming at the robber with a big gun. So the bad man put his gun down on the floor. Then there was another robber hiding at the back of the shop. I said to the policeman that there was another robber hiding at the back of the shop. The policeman sent some of his mean to the back of the shop to get him.

“WE GOT HIM” they screamed out.
They took them both to jail and everyone was back to normal .

Taamai the bush

One weekend 3 boys went into the bush. They heard a gunshot so they went to check it out.
One boy started to walk so the other two boy’s followed and they heard another sound. It was the sound of a girl screaming “help help”

Again they heard “help help help” and another gunshot two time’s and after that they did not hear a thing. Then they got to where the girl was and they saw a man  dragging a gray big bag. Crrack a streak snapped and the man said “who's there” so he put the bag down and the a head of the girl was coming out of the bag. One boy said let’s go. So they went but before they went a boy got shot. Terry got away but Zack and Steven did not.

When Terry got away he called the police a lot of them and told them that his friends are in the bush with a man that is really bad. Running and driving to the bush they finally got there. He said that Zack got shot and steven stayed with him.

The police harred to were the two boys were lying on the ground both shot. The harried them to the hospital and they were ok. But the police were still going to found out how did it. two police yad out we found him and took him to jail for shooting people

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kapa haka
Maori Mokos
Native kiwis
Silver ferns
English maori
Aotearoa-New Zealand

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Subject Poetry New Zealand

New Zealand

Hot summer
Shiny sandy beaches

Beautiful plants
Slippery weird fish
Games like rugby
Maori culture’s

Big snowy mountains
Nice people

Cool animals
cold winters

Monday, October 29, 2012

1.Fold the two larger pieces of paper in half and crease them, On one of these pieces, measure about 8 centimetres along the folded edge and make a mark with your pencil. Measure the same distance from the other end and make another mark. Use your ruler to draw a 2.5 centimetre line down from each mark. Cut along the lines to make a flap.

2.Open the card and push the flap through to the inside. Crease the flap the other way. When you open the card again, the flap will stand up.

3.Glue the other piece of folded paper to the back of the card. Be careful not to get any glue behind the flap.

4.Take the smaller piece of paper and draw a pop- up card picture for your card. On the inside of the card  , draw a background for the picture. Then cut out the pop-up picture and glue it to the bottom half of the pop-up flap.

5.When the glue is dry, write a message on your card sand give it to a friend.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

      we have been  reading  about making boots 
and it is called  these boots are made for walkin'

Summer and Spring

Hot is want I will be sitting outside

Shiny sand sitting on the beach.

Wonderful water dark blue and green waving around.


Flowers grow beautifully.

Spring is a wonderful month.

Shiny flowers grow high.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Instructions Of Impossiblebridge

Start with a paper like this.

Cut the paper in half, lengthways.

Fold one piece of the paper like this.

Lie the other piece of paper on top of the folded piece.

Put a weight on the bridge to find out how strong it is.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Impossible bridge

I have been reading a book named The Impossible bridge. It is a good book for someone who would like to build a bridge.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I am helpful, caring and understanding.
Sibling of Te Roimata, Billy, Maitu,Ta and waylan.
Lover of my family.
I feel happy to see my family.
I need my family around me.
Who gives people food that they need like bread.
Who fears are big and hairy spiders.
I would like to see the movie called the mystery island 2.
Resident of Panmure

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sentence beginning about the white-Tailed spider

Spiders look for a dark place to hide during the day. Clothing and shoes are two of the places they can hide. Clawing on you is what spider do. Ahhh Ahhh! that what I would do if a spider was crawling up my arm.

Friday, September 21, 2012

This is the colours of the Wales flag.

On Thursday Point England school had something called the mini olympic’s. There were countries every one had to get in to. I was in a group called the wales. My leader was a boy named lipper. Here is the game I liked to play at the mini olympics
My first game with my group was called the rounders and it was with miss garden. In this game we had a group that was the felders and the lined up are the people how kick the ball. It was so fun and we won we had 10 and they had 0 but they had good team work.
3 Legged Soccer
3 Legged Soccer was one of the games my group played. We played against Ireland. it was the second game we played in the mini olympics and I think they won the game all not.
My groups second to last game. In setting volleyball I was first to serve the ball. It was so fun playing and It was with mrs J.You stay on your bum and you can not get up. When you are going to serve your bum needs to be on the blue line and have to get of it fast.
There were more games to tell you about like basketball, touch, for square handball and ultimate frisbee. I think it was really cool to play.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Burgers are my favourite things to eat from 

burger king. They taste really good and make my moth water-re. 
The best part about it is the cheese because it has a taste that makes people want to eat it.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

making box's

In room seventeen we made box’s. We made them colourful and nice. It was very fun and cool. I am going to till you how to make it.

you need a paper.

first step was to fold the paper from bottom to the top and unfold it. then fold it to side to side.

fold both the long edges into the middle crease. then unfold them.

fold both the short edges into the middle crease and leave them there.  

fold in all the corners so that they meet the nearest crease, as shown here.

fold back the edges in the middle so that they cover the corners

Now put a finger inside each corner and pull gently out words.

Monday, September 10, 2012

I am going to tell you about my weekend. I had a weekend with my family.

In the weekend on saturday it was my cassens birthday. It was in Hamilton so I did not go well I could not fit in the car they went in so I stayed home with my brothers and sisters. It was dump. Then when my cassens came home they were sick.

On Sunday my family and I went to church. We have kids church is well to learn about the bible. The name of the church we go to is called hope and faith. Then after dinner my two nan’s made two cakes for us to have for morning tea at school.
And that is the end of my weekend.

I think that you should go to do what
you are doing in the weekend and do it with your family like me.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tommy Kapai welcome

What I have learnt about Tommy Kapai is that his family had to make ten people smile a day.violence was not allowed and is dumb. If I was to make ten people smile it would be so hard to do why because no one really smiles.

I found out that everyone has a gift they do. He mad me and a lot of people smile.It was fun.

He even went around the word five time’s it would've been cool going around the word five time’s (wow!).

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


There are 2 type of lizards that are native to New Zealand, Skinks and Geckos. Tuataras are native too, but they are not lizards.
Their habitats can be anywhere on the seashore, rocky areas, cold places and in the forest  and on the ground. We have to protect the area they live in because skinks are protected.
Skinks have small eyes but can see really well. They have to blink so that their eyes can keep clean and moist.
Sinks are mainly carnivores. They eat insects, spiders and bugs. Sometimes they like to eat fruits from trees.
Skinks have predators like birds and Tuataras. They can run really first to escape their enemies. Skins lose their tail when they are escaping their predators but it grows back.
I am glad that Sinks are protected so that they are in New Zealand for ever.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


These words are from a book that I have been reading. Mokomoko

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic weekend

In the weekend my sister and I went to my papa’s house to see the olympics on TV.We saw them do rowing, running, trampoline and a lot more. We sat down to see it on his big size tv the first olympic game we saw was rowing.  

At the beginning of rowing the blue team was coming first and the russians were coming second. New zealand was in third then second and then first. They win a gold biddle for nz.Two other men that from nz win us a second gold biddle for rowing.  

The trampoline people were really good at it.They did different moves like turning, flipping and jumping.It wolud of bean cool if I was there seeing it.