Friday, December 5, 2014

Te Tuhi

A few days ago class 5 students from Pt England School participated in a class trip to a place called Te Tuhi. Our Tour Guide Jeremy took us through the gallery and talked about what he had planned through the time we were there. It wasn't long before we were looking at amazing art work displays on the wall and even across the road from where we were. It was just a matter of time when we were going to start our own art work.

Our first experience was making our own Tapa that presented our family, interest, home and culture. It was cool that we got to die our paper for another group that was going to do this experiment after us. The good thing about it was that we had papers died and already for us to start drawing on. So the pattern I did that presented my family was one large Koro which was my mum and six small Koros running down the front of the large Koro that presented her children. My interest was a Net ball because the sport has been my favorite sport for a long time. For my home I drew a beach where I come from and used to see a lot. The final one presented my culture and I drew Maori patterns.

The second experiment was looking at art that was inspired by many artist. Some of the art was very inspiring like this video we watched which took along time to be watched, but we could see a lot of detailed and a lot of work put in it. Then there was another video that we watched but there was no sound and colour in was all black and white. There was some many beautiful art work and it was just so amazing.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yr 8 Camp 2014

On the 28th of October Yr 8 students from Pt England School enjoyed a week of exciting activities. It was an awesome played out Yr 8 camp at Marsden Bay Christian Camp. Even during wet and cold days, our helpers and parents stayed strong. As exciting as it was, I myself was very pleased of how it all turned out.”Have you ever been on a long and exhausting hike......?.  
On day one, Before we showed up at Marsden Bay Christian Camp. We were taken on the most exhausting and Longest hike ever. People were falling, Slipping and obviously getting very dirty. As we made our way to the end of the long walk, we were finally taken to the beach for a nice swim that we deserved. I thought to myself ”Way to start a year 8 Camp!”.   

As the next day came we were already split into groups and each group had 1 or 2 helpers looking after us. We started off the day with breakfast, then it was time to start our first activity. Surfs education was our first exciting activity. We spent as a group a whole day learning about surfs education and what it meant to be as a lifeguard.

The Life guards Chris and Nick explained the rules and why they mattered around beach areas. They explained how to be sun smart and what to do when your in a rip (Current). Nick mostly talked about everything that they do as lifeguards and he also talked about his life story and how he was inspired to be what he became (a lifeguard). A few minutes after we were taken on a tour around the club and we were very inspired on what they do and what they use in emergency. After the tour it was time to do some lessons in the water. They were exciting and fun but it was very cold. Day 2 of camp was an awesome played out day.

As the second to last day came, we had a day of fun activities planned out for us to enjoy. As we were in our groups, we all started at different activities. So my group North Beach B started with the confidence chorus that we had a kayak lesson then our second to last activity was archery, last and finally we had a mini camp fire just for our group. We ate mash malos and we cooked an in an orange skin.  it was very delicious but over cooked. I would love to try it again.

On the last day of camp, we packed our things and loaded them on the bus one by one we slowly went on the two bus’s ready to go. But the good thing about leaving camp was that camp wasn’t over. we still had a day of swimming at Waiwera Pools and it was the most amazing pools and slides I have ever been on and in.

Thanks to all our helpers and to our cook selwyn.   



Friday, September 12, 2014

Netball Prize-giving 2014


On the same day as the Cross Country run, Pt England School Netball Players had their Prize-Giving (in the evening). Held in the school hall at Pt England School. Parents and Coaches attended to see their Net Ball players, get certificates. Everyone was proud to be there and receiving their gifts from coaches and Managers.

Before everything started everybody was asked to have dinner, they were asked to bring a Plate or Pot to share with each other. We went off from the youngest to the oldest meaning form the Netball players to parents and coaches. A lot of people were very hungry and so was I.

As everyone finished eating, `the Netball prize giving was about to start. When everybody was settled down, we took a sit. Mrs Va'afusuaga our sport teacher that made everything possible walked up on top of the stage and started calling everyone up. The teams were called up to the side of the stage waiting to receive their certificates. Everyone received one and a few received another for Best Sportsmanship,  improved and most valuable players had received a second certificate.  

As teams went by, it was nearly time for my team to go up. When we did our coach Miss Paget and manager Valerie made a speech on there highlight on being a coach to our team, Yr 8 Team 2 Soul. We each received a certificate, but myself and two other players in my team received 2. I  got my second certificate for best Sportsmanship.  

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with mine and other Pt England Netball teams.  

Pt England Cross Country Run 2014


On the 11th Of September Pt England School had their Cross Country Run. It started at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Parents, Staff and Teachers co-operated and encouraged their children to do their very Best. The children were settled down, ready to go and have fun. Before everything started we sat in lines, lines of every year group, Boys and Girls(for example Yr 1 girls/Yr 1 Boys).

As the Cross Country run started, we were sent out to start from yr 1s to the yr 8. Because it was crowded the Yr 7 and 8s were moved to a better place so that we could see the runners running past trying there best. We cheered for those that were in our house groups, Te Arawa, Matatua, Takitimu and Tainui. My familys house group was Te Arawa.

I had siblings that participated before me and I saw that they tried very hard to be one of those top 3 runners. Two of my brothers came 1rst and one came 3d, even though my other siblings did not come anything they still tried their hardest. Me on the other hand also tried my very, very best to come 1rst, 2nd or 3rd.

Myself actually came first out of all the year 8 girls who participated and tried. Not only myself, but my family was very inspired and proud of me. I was so pleased that I was one of those girls that tried there everything and now is participating in the Finals.

I want to thank all the parents, staff and teachers for making that day happen. I am sure everyone is very proud that they participated and gave it their all.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reading-Explorers Of The Sunrise By Jeff Evans and Damon Salesa

In class 5 at Pt England School classmates including myself have been Reading a book called Explorers Of The Sunrise By Jeff Evans and Damon Salesa. We learn’t by this book that along time ago Polynesians voyaged a lot in a Waka similar to the one I have drawn above.

Reading and reading we found out that when the Polynesians traveled they used a navigator, a person as there navigator. In our days we use a digital map or a map on paper as our navigator. The navigator had to be a professional was to use the stars at night and the ocean and clouds in the day.

Reading this story was really entertaining. It helped me learn a little about the Polynesian and how they voyaged a long time ago.   

Math Presentation Week 6&7

My Explanation On Colours

relax his students and

In class five at Pt England School we have been learning 3 different types of colour groups, the primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Here I have talked about what colours are and are not combined to make these group colours.

Red, yellow and blue are primary colours. They cannot be made by other colours. The Primary Colours are used to make any other colour there is, except for black and white. But they can be combined together to make tints (lighter) and shades ( darker ).
The Secondary colours are green, purple-Violet and orange. If you combine any two primary colours together you will get 3 brand new colours that are known as the Secondary colours.

There are six tertiary colors; red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet. They are blends of primary and secondary colours. Secondary as well as primary colours are used to make tertiary colours.

All of these colours are used all the time, there used to do art , drawings and a lot of other things. We have done lessons on colours and now we are doing art in class, knowing that we know the group colours.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


A few weeks back we had been participating in the Life Education workshop, taught by a lady named Lyn. She has been talking about legal and illegal drugs , what they can do to you and how. I’m going to talk about what drugs can can do to you and how much they affect your life.  

There are many drugs that are illegal and legal. Drugs have big effect on your brain and body. They have large effect on your learning, memory and coordination. These are only some of the reasons why drugs are illegal.

Drugs can make you addicted to them and make you do things that are very stupid. It can make you angry, sad, stressed and very dump it could also make you forget the important things in life. Taking drugs can affect your brain and how you react. People that use drugs mostly use them to escape something.        

A drug can be any chemical like, glue, oil, nicotine, caffeine and a lot of others. These can affect your brain highly, makes you hallucinate (see what's not there). The worse thing about these are that if drug overdosing it will end up being likely to kill you instantly.

Using drugs is one of the worst choice you could ever make in life. You wouldn't reach your true potential and get a really good job, you could lose your friends and family. You could end up all alone.

Don’t take drugs, you will succeed.


Friday, July 25, 2014

2014 Pt England Immersion Assembly Term 3

The 21st of July Pt England had their first day back at school. So we started it, like always off with an Immersion Assembly. Teachers would stand on the stage and demonstrate what each team would be learning and Experiencing. This term we will be Experiencing about the Commonwealth Games (Game On).

The team one teachers demonstrated The countries around the world that are competing in the commonwealth games. They showed us by putting it together in a movie. It was really exciting and funny to watch. Did you know that the Commonwealth Games Is a family of 54 nations and India, Canada, Singapore, Mozambique and the Bahamas are the most incommon.

Team 2 teachers also shared a movie. They Pretended to be athletes competing in the 2014 world Commonwealth games. It was really funny but also really cool. They taught us about being champions and what it takes to be one. I thought that was pretty cool.

The teachers from team 3 talked about gymnastic people that complete in the Commonwealth Games. Mrs Barks explained how gymnastic people are really good at what they do. There really flexible and can do many things, I thought that was pretty amazing.

Next it was time for team 4 to show their presentation. They showed us, again in a movie how they could make sculptures out of mashed potato. It looked really funny and messy.  It was a challenge between them, to see who could make the best  and the most creative sculpture.

Another movie appeared on the screen from the team 5 teachers. Talking about the places and countries in the world they've been to the previously holiday. They showed us how much fun they've had and described the countries and places.

Immersion Assembly was all about the 2014 commonwealth Games. Our theme is Game On   

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Holiday Highlight

As the holiday began my father took my siblings and I to Hamilton to see my little sister. We waited along time to see her and my dad. But......The first few days of the holiday wasn't as exciting as I expected it to be!.  

The first few weeks of the holidays were full of boredom. I guess all that was exciting was watching television all day. Hanging out with my baby sister is really fun, but she’s mostly always asleep. So Sometimes I Would go to sleep to lose a bit of time off the day.

Eventually a couple of days later my dad put on a BBQ for my whole family to attend. We had BBQ sausages and Chicken patties and potato-salad to go with it. It was amazingly tasty. Later that Day my cousins stayed the night.

As days went passed it sadly was time for us to come back here to Auckland City. My siblings And I had so much fun. And hope to go back again.

My holiday highlight was getting to spend lots of time with my baby sister.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Matariki Festival

Wednesday the 2nd of July the Pt England Kapa haka students were invited to participate in the Matariki festival. Which was held at the AMI Netball courts. Workshops and the Ki-ora-hai tournament was also held at the AMI Netball courts. Schools from around Panmure and GI also
attended this festival.

There is a Maori Whakapapa that we should mostly always start off with a Powhiri (special welcome or Greeting). So we did!. After the Powhiri the schools went out to start their experience. We went out making bracelets made out of Flax which was really Kool.

The second activity we attended was making Koauau (A Maori flute). Exciting and fun it was we even got to keep it. I myself can’t play one but practice takes time. The Matariki Festival was so exciting and amazing I hope we get the opportunity to do it again.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yr 7&8 Social

Last week, on Thursday the 5th of June, Pt England School Yr 7/8 had there first social this year. People were really excited that it was coming up. Some people didn’t even know, like myself I hadn’t got the notice until the day before it happened.   

Our theme was to come dressed in our favourite character on tv, or a movie. I myself was
dressed as a biker off fast and furious 6. My favourite movies Ever made. Most of my friends came as themselves, which was pretty cool. My other friends were dressed up in sots.   

Once the social started everybody was out on the dance floor, except me. Why? because I didn't know how to, I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of everyone. So I stayed seated. Of Course I still had a lot of fun talking to my friends, playing games and eating.

Our social was so fun and exciting for me of course and my friends.                 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Samoan Language Week Assembly

On Monday The 26th Of May Pt England School celebrated the first day of Samoa Language week. We had gust to perform for us from Tamaki College and ourselves as well (Pt England Samoan Girls). But besides them we had 2 amazing men from Samoa. One of them had been  the Minister Of Pacific Island Affairs Which was pretty cool and exciting.

As the performance began we had seen little kids walk up on to the stage to do there little performance it was so cute and they were very brave. One by one it had unfortunately finished but it still was cool. When It was all finished we had left to class.


Friday, May 16, 2014

My Goals For This Term

This term my goal is to improve and move up in my reading and writing. I am not doing really well still. But I am going to get better. I want be ready for college next year so I am going to practice and practice.

I also want to set a goal on improving my maths concerning my times and division. I need to improve and improve. All this year I will be trying my best to reach my goals.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

High notes and low notes

In class 5 at Pt England School we have been learning about high notes, low notes, high pitch and low pitch. Our teacher had managed to find experiments on science lab activities.

A experiment that I have played recently is called  Sound and instrument exploration

On that activity I learn't that if you strum the strings on a guitar it vibrates in a certain speed. When it vibrates it vibrates the air coursing it to make a sound. That's how the sound of a guitar works.

I also learn't that A thicker string makes a low note and a thinner string makes a high note.

In Class 5 We will be learning so much about SOUND!!!.

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Holiday Highlight

During the first week of the holidays my mum and step-dad took my family to the a nice place could Maramarua. It was a long ride but it was still fun and exciting it was a very hot day as well. Once we got there we had gone to pick mushrooms for dinner. I didn't know what it was but it my mum said it was going to be yummy.
As we were about to pick the mushrooms it was time to go back to where we were staying so we all ran back. As we arrived we were so hungry. While we were waiting for it cook we went to watch a movie in my dads caravan.
The day had slowly went dark and exhausted we all were dinner had finally been ready, A B.B.Q and mushroom soup yum it was so delicious i wanted more. As the day ended it was time to go back to Auckland.  

Going to Maramarua was my holiday highlight.

Immersion Assembly

"WOW!"as I said with excitement, The hall was filled with balloons Red, Yellow, Green and Blue , it was colourful and bright. Smiles and laughter spread through the hall, I knew it was going to be something cool.  

As I took a seat, our Immersion Assembly had started, it started with a big “WELCOME BACK  Pt England School”, from Mr Burt. I could see that our theme for this term was ”I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT!!” it looked Funky.

Pt England School teachers has always entertained us with a cool act from each team, of what they will be learning about this term, that involves “I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT”. So as each team teachers showed their act It finally came to team 5 teachers to show there's.

Sound is what we're learning about this term. What would I know about sounds, Well its time for me to learn more.    

                                                                 Can't wait

Friday, May 9, 2014


“That was awesome”I said walking by, Badminton, I could get use to that.

Today Class Five had just finished playing Badminton in our school hall. We were touted by a person named Robbie and he taught us how to hold a racket. A backhand and a four hand.

For me Both of those were very hard Why? because I had to use my left hand. I couldn't even put the schedule on my racket,I had to get one of my friends to help me. again and again, over and over,still could not do it.

During Badminton we had played one on one to see how many times we could hit the schedule to each other. Well of course I did not get as much as everyone else. The highest I could get to was 5.

It was so exciting I can’t wait till our next turn.   


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fia Fia Night

Well as exciting as I thought it would be didn't really work at as I planed it to be. There is only one thing I got timing. Getting off, getting on and getting dressed. It was A little hard but I got through it. Well this is how it all started!!!!!.

5:30 Arriving through the school gates one step at a time as I got closer and closer I could see so many people. Laughter and happiness spread through the air. Excitement was shared, friends and families giving the children all there luck.

Happily coming up onto the stage was Mr Brut “It is now 6 o'clock please make your way to your changing rooms”, dashing through a bunch of people just to get to there, kids making their way.

I, myself was in Kapa Haka the First group to perform, the opening, the start of the whole Fia fia.  
Walking into my groups holding room I sow happy people and people that were ready to perform.

So as we got ready we had changed into a dresses, a Piu piu over it and to top it all off was a feather on top of our heads. No shoes or socks were allowed. It was really hard to get ready but at the same time really fun as well.

It was 7:00 and Mr Brut had called “Fia fia is starting make your way to the field”......Well it was  something like that!. Making our way there, my group had been very excited. But our Kaia didn't want that, because getting over excited could make as do something wrong.

Walking up the first two flight of stairs my heart was pumping faster and faster, faster then I could speak. Taking deep Breaths 1..2..3 as I go. Eyes staring straight at me, waiting for the first action to be made.  Heart beating, hands shaking and red faces.

1 song 2 songs 3 songs done off the stage smiling job well done, cheering, applauding I could hear. Proud and happy of what I’ve done, I finished it off properly.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Taamai Of Empathy Collage

My Explaining Of My Empathy Collage:

What I have Successfully tried showing in my empathy college is Understanding, sharing, knowing and experiencing. I have tried showing empathy for another like putting yourself in there shoes or place. Also sharing anothers emotion or expressions. Screenshot from 2014-02-25 14:40:10.png

Putting yourself in there shoes or place:

This picture shows how people can be in others shoes or place. Like making choices or sacrifices to be somewhere when you want to be there. Sometimes giving up what you want is hard but you're doing it for a good course.

Screenshot from 2014-02-25 14:49:37.png            

Caring for anther is kind and it helps the other person feel happy inside. It helps them express themselves and shure what they want to say.  Shuring is caring. It’s like experiencing another.  


Friends care for another they know each other. They can find what makes them happy. They might be different but doesn't make a difference at all. Friends find their way around difficulties its what makes them friends. They sure empathy among each other.
Check Out My Empathy Movie I Have Made In My Class

Taamai Of maths D.L.O Kaka beak

Taamai Of Kowhai Group D.L.O

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Miss Paget had decided for us to use pastel, crayon pictures from the internet and felt tips. felt tips and crayon were optional. It had to be landscape and of course about empathy. Once we had everything it was time to get started. With only half an hour to spare.  

First we had to colour in the background with pastel of any colour. Later on I cut out my empathy pictures one by one and finally I was done. So I glued them on and waited and waited. Soon it had dried and it was time to bring them to Miss Paget she smiled at all our fine looking work and making cool comments.    

Making empathy collages was fun and very EXCITING.

Check out our cool collages   

Friday, March 14, 2014

I have many hobbies but favourite hobby is being a big sister of four. Most I like to play, look after and best of all spend allot of time with them. loving the fact that I am the big S I'm mainly my mum.

I'm a sibling of four Maitu, T.A, Waylan and my Baby sister Kiara. I love their smiles and there cheeky loud-mouths I love the way they have there own ways. The way they laugh and play makes me happy. My siblings are exciting and fun.

My baby sister doesn't exactly live with me but we get to see her every chance we get. The last time I think I saw her was last holidays. But we still keep in contact with each other. She is so cool and cute.

Siblings are so cool, well mine are any way. They keep me company and they warm me up every time I feel cold. There smiles cheer me up. One best thing about having so many siblings is that you're never alone.

Being a big sister means so much to me because having family means that you can count on them when you get older.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What Waitangi Day Means To Me

All About ME

Kia ora everyone Ko Taamai Toku Ingoa in other words Hi my name is Taamai. I’ve been at Pt England School for the past 4 years and its been great. I’ve experienced so much. I am now a year eight and I am at the age of twelve years old.

My Favorite things to do

I love to play all kinds of sport but my favorite sport to play is Netball. I like to play, dance and go out with my sisters. I also love to hang out with my friends and my family.  

                    Noisy, sporty, a singer and cheeky
                    Sibling of Maitu, T.a and Waylan
                           Lover of Sweet food
                           Who fears of spiders
                        Who needs her siblings
                     Who gives hugs to everyone
               would like to see more of the world
                       Resident of Panmure