Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swimming is cool

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Swimming is cool because we get to learn. I am learning the freestyle stroke. Swimming is my favourite sport.

Swimming is a good sport to learn because it will stop you from drowning and keeping you fit.

The swimming pools are very warm. Swimming is hard at first but then it is easy and fun. We learnt alot of swimming, so that we can look after ourselves in the water.

Thursday the 19Th of May was the last day of swimming.


  1. HI Tamai
    I can see that you really love swimming I do to. Your right we learn swimming to help us swim so when were in a bad situation with water then we will have a chance of surviving.
    From Ashlee

  2. Wow! taamai thats is are amazing story you writ you very focus on your work. And keep up the good work and hope to see your next blog post.

  3. Hi Taamai
    Swimming is fun and exiting and great sentence beginning.


  4. Great story writing Taamai, im very happy you're doing wonderfully @ school..Well Done baby xoxoxoxoxo mummy :) :)

  5. 0hhh AND I LOVE YOUR PHOTO ;D;D xoxoxoxo mummy :) :)