Friday, September 12, 2014

Netball Prize-giving 2014


On the same day as the Cross Country run, Pt England School Netball Players had their Prize-Giving (in the evening). Held in the school hall at Pt England School. Parents and Coaches attended to see their Net Ball players, get certificates. Everyone was proud to be there and receiving their gifts from coaches and Managers.

Before everything started everybody was asked to have dinner, they were asked to bring a Plate or Pot to share with each other. We went off from the youngest to the oldest meaning form the Netball players to parents and coaches. A lot of people were very hungry and so was I.

As everyone finished eating, `the Netball prize giving was about to start. When everybody was settled down, we took a sit. Mrs Va'afusuaga our sport teacher that made everything possible walked up on top of the stage and started calling everyone up. The teams were called up to the side of the stage waiting to receive their certificates. Everyone received one and a few received another for Best Sportsmanship,  improved and most valuable players had received a second certificate.  

As teams went by, it was nearly time for my team to go up. When we did our coach Miss Paget and manager Valerie made a speech on there highlight on being a coach to our team, Yr 8 Team 2 Soul. We each received a certificate, but myself and two other players in my team received 2. I  got my second certificate for best Sportsmanship.  

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with mine and other Pt England Netball teams.  

Pt England Cross Country Run 2014


On the 11th Of September Pt England School had their Cross Country Run. It started at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Parents, Staff and Teachers co-operated and encouraged their children to do their very Best. The children were settled down, ready to go and have fun. Before everything started we sat in lines, lines of every year group, Boys and Girls(for example Yr 1 girls/Yr 1 Boys).

As the Cross Country run started, we were sent out to start from yr 1s to the yr 8. Because it was crowded the Yr 7 and 8s were moved to a better place so that we could see the runners running past trying there best. We cheered for those that were in our house groups, Te Arawa, Matatua, Takitimu and Tainui. My familys house group was Te Arawa.

I had siblings that participated before me and I saw that they tried very hard to be one of those top 3 runners. Two of my brothers came 1rst and one came 3d, even though my other siblings did not come anything they still tried their hardest. Me on the other hand also tried my very, very best to come 1rst, 2nd or 3rd.

Myself actually came first out of all the year 8 girls who participated and tried. Not only myself, but my family was very inspired and proud of me. I was so pleased that I was one of those girls that tried there everything and now is participating in the Finals.

I want to thank all the parents, staff and teachers for making that day happen. I am sure everyone is very proud that they participated and gave it their all.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reading-Explorers Of The Sunrise By Jeff Evans and Damon Salesa

In class 5 at Pt England School classmates including myself have been Reading a book called Explorers Of The Sunrise By Jeff Evans and Damon Salesa. We learn’t by this book that along time ago Polynesians voyaged a lot in a Waka similar to the one I have drawn above.

Reading and reading we found out that when the Polynesians traveled they used a navigator, a person as there navigator. In our days we use a digital map or a map on paper as our navigator. The navigator had to be a professional was to use the stars at night and the ocean and clouds in the day.

Reading this story was really entertaining. It helped me learn a little about the Polynesian and how they voyaged a long time ago.   

Math Presentation Week 6&7

My Explanation On Colours

relax his students and

In class five at Pt England School we have been learning 3 different types of colour groups, the primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Here I have talked about what colours are and are not combined to make these group colours.

Red, yellow and blue are primary colours. They cannot be made by other colours. The Primary Colours are used to make any other colour there is, except for black and white. But they can be combined together to make tints (lighter) and shades ( darker ).
The Secondary colours are green, purple-Violet and orange. If you combine any two primary colours together you will get 3 brand new colours that are known as the Secondary colours.

There are six tertiary colors; red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet. They are blends of primary and secondary colours. Secondary as well as primary colours are used to make tertiary colours.

All of these colours are used all the time, there used to do art , drawings and a lot of other things. We have done lessons on colours and now we are doing art in class, knowing that we know the group colours.