Friday, June 28, 2013

Red Riding hood fairytale.

Once upon a time red riding hood was a unrespectful little girl. She would not listen to her mum and dad so ended up grounded. One day her parents asked her to take a basket of fresh red apples to her grandma at the end of the bath. Red riding hood did not listen to her mum. So her mum told her “If you do not do what me or dad tell you to do then you will be grounded for threats of your life.

Red Riding Hood felt really angry and had to take the basket of apples to her grandma.
So she was off into the forest. Her parents had forgot to tell Red Riding Hood that there was a  big bad wolf.

latter on Red Riding hood nearly reached the end of the path until the big bad wolf jumped out of nowhere and asked her where she was going. Red replied i am going to my grandma’s cottage at the end of the path.

The wolf thought to himself “I can gobble her up and then the grandma two meals for dinner yeay”. The wolf golbeld Red riding Hood up starting from the head down blood puddles everywhere. “Now its time for my second meal grandma.

The wolf ran off with blood running down his mouth. The wolf finally reached the end of the bath. He opened the door and walked in he sow grandma asleep and gobbled her up too.

He was really full so ran back into the forest to have a nap. Red Riding Hoods parents never felt better before with their daughter gone.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yesterday room 21 made green goo it was really missy and slimy.
we. First we got all the the ingredients  together  (water, cornflour and food colouring). Then we tipped a half a cup of flour and Added green food colouring into a bowl.

later on we mixed it all together with our hands it was yucky and very slimy. When we had finished making it it felt really hard to pick up.
But it was really watery when we had put it in our hand’s.

It was really fun to make green go and I hope to do it again.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Narrative storry

One night a little girl named Sera thought it was OK to leave home and explore the streets. walking down the road she could hear voices from a dark street tailing her to keep walking into the shadows. She got really scared but kept walking towards the dark.

She heard her mum yelling her name Sera time for bed. Her mum thought she was already in bed so went to sleep. Sera was frightened and had to turn back so she tried to run home but something grabbed her leg. She was screaming and yelling help help someone.

A man that lived up the street heard her and run down to see what had happened the man could not see her so when in the dark to found her. Sera yield again help help please help. He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the dark. He asked her what happened Sera explained and asked him to take her home she was scared and speechless she could not say a word.

Now she has grown up being afraid of the dark and wished it never happened.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Day

One day a little girl named Lily was doing the same old thing every day and thought it was getting boring. Every morning she would wake up saying “Its just another boring day” she wanted to do something fun with her friends so she asked them if they had other things to do and play with.
One of Lily’s friends Caleb said that her dad could take us to the park today. Lily looked surprised and ran around in circles and said “Yippee this is going to be so fun”.

Later on when Lily and her friends arrived at the park they raised to the swirly slide. Caleb's dad yelled out be careful don’t get hurt.

A few hours latter Lily hurt her leg and started to cry. Her friends ran up to her and asked her what was wrong Lily said she fell off the flying fox and landed on her leg. Caleb's dad ran over to see what had happened he said to Lily that her leg was broken and took her to the hospital.

Caleb’s dad contacted Lily’s percent to tell them that Lily and broke her leg at the park. When she got home she said that today was a disaster but fun.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On Monday was a really busy day for my family because it was a day that we had to do a big clean up around and inside the house. My big brothers and my dad did the outside work meaning mowing the lawn and cleaning the shed’s.

The girls did all the inside work with my mum and nan. I washed the dishes and my sister dried. we cleaned the sitting room and kitchen but after awhile I wanted to help my brothers mow the lawn outside. But my dad said it was a boys job that had to be done. Latter on I asked him if I could just help them and my dad said again it is a boys job. So I just wanted them work and played around happily it was so cool.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The day that never happened

One day I was so excited to go to Rainbows End For my cousin's birthday. So I went to pick out the clothes that I was going to wear. I was so excited i couldn't stop thinking of it and how fun it would be.

Then I was writing down what things that would be fun to ride. I wondered what the Roller Coaster would be like scary, fun, exciting or all of them together.

I went to ask my mum if she was excited too and she said yes very but it isn't this week its in August. I was so still I was not thinking of anything my excitement was gone. It was like it was a day that never happened.

Here I am thinking that that day was going to happen. Not even now I have to wait until August comes It was a bummer.