Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yr 8 Camp 2014

On the 28th of October Yr 8 students from Pt England School enjoyed a week of exciting activities. It was an awesome played out Yr 8 camp at Marsden Bay Christian Camp. Even during wet and cold days, our helpers and parents stayed strong. As exciting as it was, I myself was very pleased of how it all turned out.”Have you ever been on a long and exhausting hike......?.  
On day one, Before we showed up at Marsden Bay Christian Camp. We were taken on the most exhausting and Longest hike ever. People were falling, Slipping and obviously getting very dirty. As we made our way to the end of the long walk, we were finally taken to the beach for a nice swim that we deserved. I thought to myself ”Way to start a year 8 Camp!”.   

As the next day came we were already split into groups and each group had 1 or 2 helpers looking after us. We started off the day with breakfast, then it was time to start our first activity. Surfs education was our first exciting activity. We spent as a group a whole day learning about surfs education and what it meant to be as a lifeguard.

The Life guards Chris and Nick explained the rules and why they mattered around beach areas. They explained how to be sun smart and what to do when your in a rip (Current). Nick mostly talked about everything that they do as lifeguards and he also talked about his life story and how he was inspired to be what he became (a lifeguard). A few minutes after we were taken on a tour around the club and we were very inspired on what they do and what they use in emergency. After the tour it was time to do some lessons in the water. They were exciting and fun but it was very cold. Day 2 of camp was an awesome played out day.

As the second to last day came, we had a day of fun activities planned out for us to enjoy. As we were in our groups, we all started at different activities. So my group North Beach B started with the confidence chorus that we had a kayak lesson then our second to last activity was archery, last and finally we had a mini camp fire just for our group. We ate mash malos and we cooked an in an orange skin.  it was very delicious but over cooked. I would love to try it again.

On the last day of camp, we packed our things and loaded them on the bus one by one we slowly went on the two bus’s ready to go. But the good thing about leaving camp was that camp wasn’t over. we still had a day of swimming at Waiwera Pools and it was the most amazing pools and slides I have ever been on and in.

Thanks to all our helpers and to our cook selwyn.   



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