Monday, November 5, 2012

The Pool Story

Sofi’s friend went to the pools. They dived into one of the swimming pool’s. Her friends mum was watching them from the sets beside the pool. Her other friend was on her way but it took her a long time to get here and she knew something was going on.

Crash) They heard a big car cash down on beach street just coming up to the pools. We rushed out to see how it was. It was Sofi’s other friend sick inside a car that was flipped over by another.

So she rushed to help her get out. Her friend was stick with her bout around her and Sofi couldn't get her out of the car. Then called 111 to help Her even more she was so scared but they got her and her mum out.

That night we took her to the hospital. She was burnt like a person was in there house burning to death. She was never the same again from that day on.

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  1. Hi taamai i really like your story of the pool and i really like the part when you said you guys heard a big crash. And you have lots of words but in your photographs you need to put more full stops in.