Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Title of one of Van Gogh painting is cold sunflowers. The size of  Van Gogh sunflowers is 73]92 cm. He did his famous sunflower work with oil paint.

The  colours was bright on his sunflowers. He used 4 or more colours used for his famous sunflowers.

When I look at his sunflowers, I see light  warm happy colours. I think that he painted light  because he himself was very happy. The amazing glowing petals, are
the best things about his artwork.

Along time ago He painted sunflowers because his friend was coming over to stay at Van Gogh house. This artist would of been happy and excited for Paul Gauguin to stay.

Vincent's painting is one of the most well known artwork even in the whole world


  1. Hello Taamai I like your writing about your Sunflowers.
    You should do a little beat of more sentences.

  2. Wow I like your pictures about art alivet in starr nigth