Monday, November 5, 2012

Story Shop

After school my brother and I was sent by my mum to get potato chips. Weirdly I thought that someone was following behind us footsteps coming closer. So my brother and I ran the rest of the way. Then heard that a person was screaming out “help help help me”.                                       

Screaming for help and was pulled to the ground the lady we heard was on the floor. My brother was going to scream out robber but I quickly put my hand over his mouth before he could say a word. We were so scared at the same time.

Then I told my brother to call the police. So he did. The robber gaped the ludy and put over her mouth some tap so that she could keep silent. I heard the police’s siren go off and there they were coming up the road. Red, gray and blue lights sitting on top of the police car telling people to move out of the way.

The police was aiming at the robber with a big gun. So the bad man put his gun down on the floor. Then there was another robber hiding at the back of the shop. I said to the policeman that there was another robber hiding at the back of the shop. The policeman sent some of his mean to the back of the shop to get him.

“WE GOT HIM” they screamed out.
They took them both to jail and everyone was back to normal .

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  1. Hi Taamai,

    I really like your story. You need to work on reading your story again because you did a mistake. Keep the good work up.

    From Ane well done