Friday, September 21, 2012

This is the colours of the Wales flag.

On Thursday Point England school had something called the mini olympic’s. There were countries every one had to get in to. I was in a group called the wales. My leader was a boy named lipper. Here is the game I liked to play at the mini olympics
My first game with my group was called the rounders and it was with miss garden. In this game we had a group that was the felders and the lined up are the people how kick the ball. It was so fun and we won we had 10 and they had 0 but they had good team work.
3 Legged Soccer
3 Legged Soccer was one of the games my group played. We played against Ireland. it was the second game we played in the mini olympics and I think they won the game all not.
My groups second to last game. In setting volleyball I was first to serve the ball. It was so fun playing and It was with mrs J.You stay on your bum and you can not get up. When you are going to serve your bum needs to be on the blue line and have to get of it fast.
There were more games to tell you about like basketball, touch, for square handball and ultimate frisbee. I think it was really cool to play.

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