Monday, September 16, 2013

Term 3 Reflection

Term 3 is nearly over.
Wow term 3 is nearly over and so is the year. Being a year seven wasn't very long at all. But it was fun. The terms went past and now its nearly the holidays. CAN’T WAIT.

Playing Netball For The School
Netball season has finished. Playing it was exciting and fun. The best thing about it finishing was the shared lunch and most of all the prize giving. Because my team and I received the coolest AIM Netball badge. We all got one each it was an awesome prize. I realized that day that my group was the only group out of our school netball teams to get to go to prizes giving but it didn't matter it was fun.

Sports this term was playing basketball. We learnt new moves but mostly how to play. Every Tuesday we would practice basketball. Through the term we got better and better. It was a great sport to learn and play.  

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