Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Friday was the day Jesus died on the cross to take away all our sins then three days later suddenly Jesus came alive Sunday was the day and now that day is known as Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday means so much to me because of what Jesus did for as also because all the chocolate Easter eggs there are to be eaten.

Then Easter Sunday came I went into the fridge to see if my
Easter egg’s were still there. They were but just not all of them 10 were missing. I find out that my mum and my nan ate them one by one. But it was OK because I had 10 more left.

Eating my delicious Easter egg’s I shared them with my family and friends. Easter was so fun and cool. 

On Monday was a holiday and so was Tuesday all I did was lie in the sun and sleep I also went to the library to play on the computers when I was bored. I stayed there in toll the library closed. It was fun but I had to go so I ran all the way home.
Having five days off school ways fun but now it is time to go back to school.    

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  1. Hi Taamai your wrote a good story about Jesus, did he die Friday