Thursday, March 22, 2012

I’m going to tell you about the three wonderful days at cam, the year ⅚ camp.How fun it was and how cool it was to.

I was most looking forward to going on a bus to the pools.The thing i was looking forward to at the pools was the slide.The sprinklers were a little bit babyish so I went back to the pools.

The funniest bit at camp was when we got into the pool.We all had to rush out of it because someone had did a pow in the pool.that was the most funniest the weirdest time at camp.

my goal at camp was to get in the line first.So that when my team sits on the grass we could get more points to.

Camp was really cool because there were a lot of people that came to help the year ⅚.
I felt really happy because every one of us were happy to.I think that camp was a really cool and happy vacation for the year 5’s and up.

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