Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last night my mum and my brother came with me to home school partnership in the school hall. When we got there Mr Jacobson gave us a raffle ticket to be in to win 1 or 3 meat packs. Mr Jacobson explained himself  and said ’’latter on in the hall I will call out a number and whoever has that number gets a 1 or 2 free meat pack’’ and then we went inside.

My brother and I went to get a little snack I got a cracker and he got a cookie.
Then we went back into the hall. We saw Mr Burt coming towards the front to start home school partnership. He asked if the kids wanted to go into the library to play.

Mostly every kid went in the library. Some people wanted to draw other people wanted to do a challenge on a piece of paper the name of it was called find me. We all had so much fun.

Later on it was time to go home. My brother and I raced back into the hall to see my mum so we could go home for tea. My mum said that she had so much fun. So then we lift.

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