Friday, March 14, 2014

I have many hobbies but favourite hobby is being a big sister of four. Most I like to play, look after and best of all spend allot of time with them. loving the fact that I am the big S I'm mainly my mum.

I'm a sibling of four Maitu, T.A, Waylan and my Baby sister Kiara. I love their smiles and there cheeky loud-mouths I love the way they have there own ways. The way they laugh and play makes me happy. My siblings are exciting and fun.

My baby sister doesn't exactly live with me but we get to see her every chance we get. The last time I think I saw her was last holidays. But we still keep in contact with each other. She is so cool and cute.

Siblings are so cool, well mine are any way. They keep me company and they warm me up every time I feel cold. There smiles cheer me up. One best thing about having so many siblings is that you're never alone.

Being a big sister means so much to me because having family means that you can count on them when you get older.

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