Friday, May 9, 2014


“That was awesome”I said walking by, Badminton, I could get use to that.

Today Class Five had just finished playing Badminton in our school hall. We were touted by a person named Robbie and he taught us how to hold a racket. A backhand and a four hand.

For me Both of those were very hard Why? because I had to use my left hand. I couldn't even put the schedule on my racket,I had to get one of my friends to help me. again and again, over and over,still could not do it.

During Badminton we had played one on one to see how many times we could hit the schedule to each other. Well of course I did not get as much as everyone else. The highest I could get to was 5.

It was so exciting I can’t wait till our next turn.   


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