Monday, May 12, 2014

My Holiday Highlight

During the first week of the holidays my mum and step-dad took my family to the a nice place could Maramarua. It was a long ride but it was still fun and exciting it was a very hot day as well. Once we got there we had gone to pick mushrooms for dinner. I didn't know what it was but it my mum said it was going to be yummy.
As we were about to pick the mushrooms it was time to go back to where we were staying so we all ran back. As we arrived we were so hungry. While we were waiting for it cook we went to watch a movie in my dads caravan.
The day had slowly went dark and exhausted we all were dinner had finally been ready, A B.B.Q and mushroom soup yum it was so delicious i wanted more. As the day ended it was time to go back to Auckland.  

Going to Maramarua was my holiday highlight.

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