Friday, December 5, 2014

Te Tuhi

A few days ago class 5 students from Pt England School participated in a class trip to a place called Te Tuhi. Our Tour Guide Jeremy took us through the gallery and talked about what he had planned through the time we were there. It wasn't long before we were looking at amazing art work displays on the wall and even across the road from where we were. It was just a matter of time when we were going to start our own art work.

Our first experience was making our own Tapa that presented our family, interest, home and culture. It was cool that we got to die our paper for another group that was going to do this experiment after us. The good thing about it was that we had papers died and already for us to start drawing on. So the pattern I did that presented my family was one large Koro which was my mum and six small Koros running down the front of the large Koro that presented her children. My interest was a Net ball because the sport has been my favorite sport for a long time. For my home I drew a beach where I come from and used to see a lot. The final one presented my culture and I drew Maori patterns.

The second experiment was looking at art that was inspired by many artist. Some of the art was very inspiring like this video we watched which took along time to be watched, but we could see a lot of detailed and a lot of work put in it. Then there was another video that we watched but there was no sound and colour in was all black and white. There was some many beautiful art work and it was just so amazing.


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