Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Triathlon Recount

One day at Point England School room 17 did a sprint triathlon. A sprint triathlon is like a small version from the original one. The small sprint Triathlon has bikes, running and water sliding events.

When we started we started with slippery slide. Some people ran on the side up and down the waterslide because they did not bring their togs. After we did the water slide we all ran to get a bike and we all got one to ride on. We had to go around the big flags. Then I came first out of the girls on bikes. Then we had to run around the cones.                                                        
Mark, Adrian and Brett were the people who helped us with everything they brought the  Triathlon to our school for us to do. Mark is really tall and he’s a pakeha he’s really cool and he nose a lot of things about triathlons.

Some of the people in my class said it was fun, exciting and cool.
I thought it was fun, exciting and cool to. Our teacher had a lot of fun as well as has.
we felt tired.

At the end of the whole thing we all got a certificate for our sport.
our certificate looked really cool and I took it home and hanged it up on the wall.

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