Monday, November 26, 2012

Camp Betzon

At the year six camp we all went to Kawau Island we had 4 groups named Mansion, Bentzon, Kawau and katz. The group that I was in was Mansion. When we got to Kawau Island we all had free time then we went for a big welcome swim in the see.
One activity I really enjoyed was the Confidence course. The Confidence course had so many things to go on. The funny thing about it was when we got to the top of some of the obstacles mr J said we had to “HUG YOUR MAMA” so we didn't full from the top of the obstacle It was so funny and fun.

On Friday swimming was totally fun it wasn't deep but it was still cool. Cheyanne was to scared to jump of the pontoon but when it was nelly time to go back to school we heard the horn to get out of the water. Then when I jumped of the pontoon Cheyanne jammed after me it was fun but it was her first and her last time to jump of the pontoon at Kakau Island.

I hope next year all the year 6’s have as much fun as us.  

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