Friday, March 15, 2013

The Amazing Fia fia Assembly

On Friday last week Point England had an amazing  Fia fia assembly. Why?  Because Miss Muliaumaseali'i's brother Mr Muliaumaseali'i came to show Point England his talent and that was singing.

He sang a song in Samoan named Minoi, minoi.
He asked us to say "Minoi, minoi, minoi, minoi, minoi" twice. It was funny.
After that he sang a different song but this time it was in another language. He was singing an opera song.

Later on Mr Muliaumaseali'i said thank you for having him and then went into the music room. And that was the end of Fiafia assembly. As soon as assembly finished all of the girls that were in the choir went into the music room for a singing lesson with Mr Muliaumaseali'i.

In the hall Mr Burt was talking about being kind to others and respect. He also was talking about the people that are different at our school. Fifi assembly was really cool so was Mr  Muliaumaseali'i. We all had so much fun.  

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