Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How My Life Is Here in Aotearoa

Hi my name is Taamai. I live in a city named Auckland in New Zealand. I have been living in Auckland for over three years now. I go to a really awesome school named Pt England I have so much fun there I even make a lot of friend’s my age.

In Aotearoa New Zealand I feel safe. Sometimes I feel like exploring the world but I can’t why because i’m only eleven years old it’s mainly because I would rather stay in New Zealand with my Whanau and friends.

The sad thing in my life is that I have to deal with my family members passing away which I hate. My grandpa and my nan died two years ago. My nan died from cancer and my grandpa died in his sleep. My heart  broke in pieces.

I am a really lucky kid because I have a family that cares about me and there alway there when I need them the most.

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