Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My narrative school picnic

After the Juniors swam the teacher said “it’s team 5’s turn!” out loud. So all the seniors got in. Some people bombed and some people dived. Looking at everybody I saw a boy diving heaps of times into the water. Then he dived again but this time he did not come back up.

Nobody noticed but me. I tried to tell a teacher but they were too busy. Then I went closer to where he dived. I saw a little bit off blood floating on the surface of the water so I really did need to tell a teacher quickly. So I ran to find one again.

Finally a teacher helped me. The teacher asked me where he dived and were the blood was. Afterwards we saw something floating in the water. It was the boy. Then a man dived into the water to get him. He was knocked out from the rock he hit. The man placed him on the sand. We tried to wake him up but he was unconscious.

One of the adults rang the ambulance for help. Finally the ambulance came. They carried him into the van and took him to hospital. The next day he woke losing some of his memory. He was fine but he had some bumps and bruises on his head. Other than that he was ok thanks to me.

I hope he is more careful next time.

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