Friday, May 31, 2013

Report about Obesity

Coffins need to be larger in a place in America because people are dying from Obesity.
Obesity is when you overeat and get really big and lazy. The most people to have Obesity are people in America and Mexico.

For obesity to come about you have to eat a lot of junk food and fast food. The youngest age you could die from Obesity is 11 to 45 years old.

People in America and Mexico that are Obese can weigh up to 765 pounds and thats well over 50 stones.
Also People can lose their body parts from very bad Obesity. Obesity causes major health problems in a lot of ways and so can alack a exercise.

For some people that have Obesity and are overweight are very embarrassed because of their fat. You could also get knee pain, short of breath and sow feet from sedentary. Sedentary lifestyle and bad diet can cause Obesity too.

Families in America need to make sure that they get lots of exercise per day not just in toll there tired just in toll they think that they've made in efrat.

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