Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Report about eggs:

Report about eggs:

In NZ we eat up to two and a half million eggs per day. That’s about 920,000,000 eggs per year.

Most eggs are laid by chickens that are kept away in cages (caged hens). There are often six hens per cage which is not enough space for them to move around in. When they have laid an egg, the eggs roll down onto a machine because their cages are on an angle. Chickens can’t grab their eggs because they might get an electric shock. Cage hens eat chicken feed but are not allowed to leave the the cage to eat. Their food comes to them on a machine.

Free range hens live on a farm. They can run around, flap their wings and dust bath. Their eggs are more expensive than cage hens eggs.

Some chickens lose their hair and don't lay eggs until their hair has grown back. Chicken’s molt once a year but if there is extreme heat chicken’s feathers will just start to fall off.

Barn chickens are different to cage hens because they can run around doing anything they want and caged hens cannot. But they are not as free to move like the free range hens.

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