Friday, May 31, 2013

The sweets and lollies that rot your teeth.

  The sweets and lollies that rot your teeth.

sugar warms, pineapple lumps, lolly scrambles, jelly beans, sour lollies, snakes, gummy bears, lollipops, mini eggs, sugar rainbows, fruit burst, Eskimos, pebbles, gum and liquorice.   

Too much sugar can make kids hyper and very silly in a lot of ways. It is possible to get obese from too much sugar too. It could make you fat and unhealthy from way too much lollies. Fat could also cause a lot of health problems meaning getting badly sick.  

Lollies rot teeth because the sugar breaks down the enamel and starts to rot. Your teeth is very healthy at first but if you eat way too much sweet lollies your teeth won’t be the same again.

They could get fat and unhealthy from too much lollise.  Unless you stop eating too much.  A little a day would be ok, but if you seem to be very fit you could just run it off.
Diabetes can do more to your teeth if not treated the right way. Its cool to just eat a little bit.

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