Friday, July 25, 2014

2014 Pt England Immersion Assembly Term 3

The 21st of July Pt England had their first day back at school. So we started it, like always off with an Immersion Assembly. Teachers would stand on the stage and demonstrate what each team would be learning and Experiencing. This term we will be Experiencing about the Commonwealth Games (Game On).

The team one teachers demonstrated The countries around the world that are competing in the commonwealth games. They showed us by putting it together in a movie. It was really exciting and funny to watch. Did you know that the Commonwealth Games Is a family of 54 nations and India, Canada, Singapore, Mozambique and the Bahamas are the most incommon.

Team 2 teachers also shared a movie. They Pretended to be athletes competing in the 2014 world Commonwealth games. It was really funny but also really cool. They taught us about being champions and what it takes to be one. I thought that was pretty cool.

The teachers from team 3 talked about gymnastic people that complete in the Commonwealth Games. Mrs Barks explained how gymnastic people are really good at what they do. There really flexible and can do many things, I thought that was pretty amazing.

Next it was time for team 4 to show their presentation. They showed us, again in a movie how they could make sculptures out of mashed potato. It looked really funny and messy.  It was a challenge between them, to see who could make the best  and the most creative sculpture.

Another movie appeared on the screen from the team 5 teachers. Talking about the places and countries in the world they've been to the previously holiday. They showed us how much fun they've had and described the countries and places.

Immersion Assembly was all about the 2014 commonwealth Games. Our theme is Game On   

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