Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Holiday Highlight

As the holiday began my father took my siblings and I to Hamilton to see my little sister. We waited along time to see her and my dad. But......The first few days of the holiday wasn't as exciting as I expected it to be!.  

The first few weeks of the holidays were full of boredom. I guess all that was exciting was watching television all day. Hanging out with my baby sister is really fun, but she’s mostly always asleep. So Sometimes I Would go to sleep to lose a bit of time off the day.

Eventually a couple of days later my dad put on a BBQ for my whole family to attend. We had BBQ sausages and Chicken patties and potato-salad to go with it. It was amazingly tasty. Later that Day my cousins stayed the night.

As days went passed it sadly was time for us to come back here to Auckland City. My siblings And I had so much fun. And hope to go back again.

My holiday highlight was getting to spend lots of time with my baby sister.

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